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FM ON Line + 2 Quarterly Books


FM OnLine + Freightmaster books gives you the best of both worlds

Many enthusiasts wish to enjoy the quarterly issues of Feightmaster as well, so as to provide a historical back up and have a copy of Freightmaster always at hand when they go out

Although the online version of Freightmaster is superior in terms of accuracy, the printed version features....

a) an 'On Location' photographic guide in full colour.

b) maps of freight flows by commodity, colour coded per operator

The book provides a unique historical 'snapshot' of the trains running at a particular point in time, which Freightmaster Online, by its very nature, cannot.

Because of the advantages of each type of subscription, we have decided to offer a 'combined' online and book subscription.

41 ...... which gives you,

Access to FM OnLine until March 2019, plus:

All Issues of Freightmaster (Nos.91 - 92) running through to March 2019, which means great value for money - FM OnLine on its own costs 80 per annum!!

Here's a reminder of the benefits of having FM OnLine:


While the printed version of Freightmaster concentrates on major stations and yards on busy lines, online subscribers get access to over 30 extra timetables for non-station locations, mainly on scenic and/or semaphore-controlled routes.



Most of the location timetables include a 'Real Time' track plan, exactly the same as what the signalman sees. There are actually more than 100 locations displays to look at.

The display shows a rectangular box for each signal in the section and when a train enters the section, the head code will be shown, which can then be tracked.

Unlike other website displays, which only show most headcodes as a obfuscated (scrambled) reference, OURS show the ACTUAL HEADCODE - a real bonus.

Unlike the printed version, which is updated four times a year, the OnLine timetables are updated as soon as freight services are introduced, re-timed or withdrawn.


Another major advantage of the online version of Freightmaster is the exclusive discussion forum, which provides a vast amount of additional info not found in the timetables, including details of:

- Freight News / rumours
- Official' trainplans
- Loco / wagon TOPS lists
- One off / short term workings, such as test trains, wagon moves, etc
- Freight diversions and engineering work possession trains
- Location 'surveys' for places not covered by the FM OnLine timetables
- Advice on when / where to visit particular lines / areas / locations
.... and much, much more!

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