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Freightmaster No.91


‘Freightmaster’ No.91 : October to December 2018 inclusive is available, all 80 freight timetables “completely updated”

‘ON LOCATION’ devotes 15 pages of colour images to ....


The portfolio covers the important work carried out by these trains to combat the annual problem of leaf fall, which causes adhesion issues on certain routes.

Network Rail operates a number of loco-hauled trains every autumn. Full details and timings for these trains can be found in the FM OnLine timetables, but included in this issue is a summary of the various diagrams by operator....

.... DB, DRS, COLAS and GBRf.

‘Guest photographer’ :

NIGEL GIBBS (Bedford) has kindly contributed some excellent images.

Motive Power includes Classes 20 / 37 / 57 / 66/ 67 and 73

There are great photographic opportunities to record this traffic..

Still only £15.95.

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